“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.” ―Dean Kamen

In this episode, Amaury and Mitchie discuss how startup founders can take on the role of the innovator in their startup. They cover the 3 categories of innovation, and the process to integrate them into early-stage project planning and brainstorming.

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Show notes

  • What the CTO’s innovator role is all about
  • What to do first when taking over for a CTO in innovator role
  • What the 3 categories of innovation are and some resources you can use to make your start attractive to investors, accelerators
  • What process you can follow when injecting new technologies
  • How you can create value and new business opportunities out of the data that you already have
  • How you can further gather data
  • What are some game-changing technologies you can use
  • How you can integrate them into your project
  • Why growth hacking and Web marketing are key (it’s not always the techy things)
  • What are the basics of a marketing and sales funnel
  • What are some social media tools you can use to target people
  • Why starting small is the way to achieve your vision



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