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We develop technological awareness of managers.

Running your tech startup has never been so easy!

Multiply your potential by having us as the co-pilot of your projects. Together, we create a world of possibilities in which your creativity is the only limit.

Join our AMAZING community !


And we will create the perfect tech guidance path for you and your project. 

You are just one click away to be a “tech boss” and save countless amount of time and money.

You will have access to + 1000 hours of exclusive content to help you navigate on the tech ocean without any pitfalls !

  • Content about tech and entrepeneurship that corresponds to YOUR developement stage to help you move forward
  • Your personalized path : theoretical (videos, articles…) and practical (exercices, assessments…) tracks especially designed for your startup issues.
  • Monthly Group Mastermind session to brainstorm all together
  • Monthly Group Q&A to answer all the question you may have 
  • Unlimited Slack access to answer your questions and share your breakthrough with our tech advisors and our community

… And you can of course add some additionnal one-on-one tech coaching if needed !

Ready ? 

Our Values


Our integrity makes the competition irrelevant.

We assume you can manage all aspects of your startup, even the tech you're not familiar with. We don't make stuff for you, but WITH you we make the magic happen.


Our goal is to make you independent.

We help you define your context with cutting-edge technology of ours. And with our experts support, we define what you should learn and do to become a fully tech-aware founder.


No hidden cost, no surprises.

We take your budget and intellectual property very serious, and work with you as if it was our own project.


We have the ability to bounce back.

We always maintain a positive attitude and
a strong sense of opportunity.
When facing ambiguity or periods of turbulence, we will help you find ways to move forward and avoid getting stuck.

Our team

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CMO
Mitchie RUIZ
Co-Founder & Content Director
Web Developer
Sébastien FICHOT
CTO Freelance
Delphine RAYMOND
Admin & Finance
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. MyCTOfriend have tracks designed for your stage. Even if we mention a few techniques, we don’t provide business models, customer experience or financial courses. We focus on tech management. You just need to have a good idea and be motivated to transform it into something real!

More than ever! At MyCTOfriend we are going to teach you how to work effectively with your developer. Not only that, we will help you communicate better with each other and build a roadmap that fits your vision. A developer usually specializes in one or two techniques. Senior CTOs are not experts in every language, our expertise is to have multiple return on experience with almost every language. We will guide you and your developer in finding the most effective way to build your product, often by reusing existing tools and API services that we’ve already seen working with other startups.

Yes. Software development never ends, and even if you’ve successfully developed a first version of your product, you still need objective and strategic guidance, something your provider can’t offer. For example, you can get an external analysis of the produced application’s value, or even new ideas for the upcoming roadmap. It’s also a great way to ensure you have everything to become fully independent, and to improve the development process with your team.

Absolutely. We can even start right away with a technical audit, reviewing your source code structure, analyzing if you had a good start or not. Keep in mind that as long as the code is clear, any good developer should be able to pick up where the last one left off. Thanks to our review you will be able to keep moving forward with your development, helping you specify and prioritize what you need.

In order to provide fully objective and unbiased advice, we don’t provide development services, nor we take any commission from developers or agencies. Instead, we guide you in finding developers or agencies by yourself, and we help you review their proposal before moving on. We will also analyze their work with technical audits of their produced source code.

We do not take any equity. Unlike traditional organizations that provide general mentoring or business advice, MyCTOfriend is a private company without any external investments. 

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