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How to choose the best technology for your marketplace

Rajesh has already positioned his project. He figured out his target and has a small community on social media to start with. He has also defined the customer experience and the overall design of his marketplace app. He is now moving forward to a development stage, and is wondering what technology or service provider to use.

How to determine if you need to hire a CTO

Shirley has already developed the first version of her platform with an outsourced company. Now, in order to move forward, she is wondering what can still be done through her contractor and what needs to be internalized. In other words, she is wondering if she needs to hire a CTO.

How to build a mobile app without code in 5 minutes

Eric is the founder of a handyman-type marketplace, a startup that will reference electricians, plumbers, etcetera. He is starting to structure the information he’ll gather in the ecosystem, from quotations to invoicing. While he tackles that, he is also wondering how to get started with a simple app that can show who is available and where.

What technology or language to use when building an MVP

Marie is at the idea stage, but she already has an offline business with more than a thousands clients and a few dozens coaches. Her goal is to industrialize her coaching program and create personalized training plans based on each individual’s medical capacity. She is currently brainstorming multiple algorithms on how she could store her clients’ information on her application.

What strategy to use when building an MVP

Maxime is at the idea stage. He has extensive experience as a manager and is deeply interested in nature, more specifically the benefits of being in touch with nature, that’s why he’s undertaking a project to bring more plants into people’s lives. While he is testing his hypothesis and interviewing future customers, he is wondering how to get started with his product without having to invest in personalized development.