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Welcome to My CTO Friend the Podcast

With this podcast, Amaury Khelifi shares with the world his knowledge and experience building successful and innovative tech startups. Especially designed for non-technical startup founders, you’ll learn everything necessary to manage the technical aspects of creating your dream company, ultimately helping you become your own boss, help people, and save time and money in the process. Having learned from his very own failed startup experience, Amaury has since worked with over 100 startups, helping them turn their vision into a reality.

Get started with your idea, shape it into a vision and a roadmap, break it down into executable steps, choosing a team or provider, properly communicate with them, avoid and manage conflicts, outsource, manage remote teams, inject technologies, control development, and much more…

Amaury is joined by Mitchie Ruiz, a language consultant and self-learning enthusiast, and together they’ll make sure you understand the steps, options and intricacies of building your dream startup regardless of your technical background.

You can also watch the podcast in video...

Scale your MVP with almost no money

Scale your MVP with almost no money

In this episode, Amaury and Mitchie go over the last 2 levels of the prototyping process, where your MVP will gradually transform into an established product. This includes educating founders on the bare minimum of tech CEO’s need to understand.