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Startups are making a positive social impact and reaching for sustainable products

Often associated with innovation, solutions, and technology, startups are also committed to sustainability and social impact.


Check out some of the latest news about what startups founders have been doing to make the world a better place!


Good for you and the planet. Period.


Top organic tampons

TOP, a startup that produces organic and plastic-free tampons, just raised US$900,000 in its seed round, as announced by Crunchbase.


TOP stands for The Organic Project, was founded by two women, Thyme Sullivan and Denielle Finkelstein, co-founders and cousins.


The founders plan to expand the market presence, through retailers and grocery stores and on-line.


They use all plant-based ingredients in their products, as an alternative to the classic products full of plastic, chemicals, and pesticides. 


Plus, they donate tampons and other period products to the community. You go, girls! #girlpower #futureisfemale


Eat Sustainably


Plant-based and cell-cultured meat market is increasing, but remains a male dominated industry.


As the majority of animals’ rights and vegan activists are women, how so most of the c-suite executives in plant-based and cell-cultured meats are men?


Quartz has published the story about a “boys’ club” in the industry. The leading startups in plant-based and cell-cultured meats are run by men, so are the venture capital groups who invest in them.


Among the list of companies led by male CEOs are Memphis Meats and Impossible Foods, a Burger King’s supplier.


Earlier this year Memphis Meats raised US$161 MI, and investors list includes Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Cargill.


As the market opens up for these cruelty-free products, Silicon Valley startups have the opportunity to change the inside culture.


The article points out a few companies founded by women, like Artemys Foods and the research institution for cellular culture New Harvest.


They are paving the way for sustainability and gender equity within the industry! #generationequality


Verified joint


LeafWorks Inc. is planning to make the hemp and herbal industry more trustworthy, by providing more scientific methods of DNA analysis.


As cannabis and CBD markets grow, it also grows the need for verification and certification of the products. The USDA has already an organic certification for qualified hemp producers.


Now Leaf Works Inc. wants to provide producers with even more scientific standards and transparency about their crops, according to Tech Startups.


Closing its series A round with US$1 MI, the startup plans to consolidate itself as a third-party verification provider for B2B and B2C.


Bonaventure Equity LLC. led the round, a Cannabis venture capital firm, environmental and socially engaged.


Leaf Works Inc. provides the herbal industry with DNA tests to protect their products to make the industry more sustainable and trustworthy.