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How can I build two e-commerce websites out of a common stock management?

Today I’m going to answer a question from Olivier, the founder of a food tech startup that sells algae products.

His question is: “How can I build two e-commerce websites out of a common stock management?”

Olivier is a successful startup founder and well-known in his area of expertise. But he wants to scale up to the next level. He has two different types of markets, both in B2B. So far, he only has a simple e-commerce solution, built with a software called WooCommerce.

Now, he would like to systematize the processes as well as build a second e-commerce website for the second market.

If you analyze his ecosystem, you’ll see that it would be easy to build complex things. Developing all these from scratch would cost more than $100,000. The goal for Olivier is to structure his startup processes and tools by automating the sales and the shipping processes. He also needs a good stock management system.

For this use case, we need to consider that he already has his own system, managing the products on WooCommerce. And switching from this system to another will make him and his team waste time learning a new system.

That is why he needs a pretty simple solution. He already has an e-commerce website, and just wants to create a new one with a different brand, but still with the same features. So the process I will recommend to him is to search for a solution that fits his existing software.

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