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Hard Skills Required To Launch A Startup

Today I'm going to talk about the Hard skills Required to Build a Startup.
But first off,
What do these hard skills mean?

Hard skills are the abilities that are learned acquired and enhanced through practice, repetition, and education.
It could be,
Doing finance,
Programming… etc

Hard skills basically increase employee productivity and efficiency and therefore, improve employee satisfaction.
We call them hard skills as the opposite to the Soft-skills.
Which are more related to communication and behavior.

Soft skills are in fact very very important too, more specifically for founders. If you want to know more about it, I also made a video about it.
Now, let’s talk about the MOST important skills you need to have to build a startup successfully.
Being an entrepreneur requires you to have countless skills. Just be aware that you’ll cannot be good with all of them. But what you need is to understand them, so that you can delegate them accordingly. Ok, let’s get into it!

Business developer:
Finding business model
Figure out what people might be interested to and willing to pay for
Required to share your idea,
Making people belonging to what you build.
This skills is a must for any CEO. Don’t believe you’ll be able to delegate it!

Almost any entrepreneur I know did some design… ( we are often quite average at it… )
It is a required skill, although you can start with tools like power-point, or canvas, brand guideline, with well thought colors, fonts, will make your brand stick in people’s mind.


Product manager:
The one that create the solution for a said need!
Oriented solutions!
General understand of the technical part
Deep understanding of the market required.


IT management:
It’s a skill to be able to manage developer or any technical profile.
Listening with lot of empathy it the way to go…
Also need to trust technology expert like.


Software developer:
The one that develops the solution the product manager imagined.
Danger, is to assume the developer will be your product manager.
Developers has a different way to prioritize things based on technical constraints…
What’s important is with everything you do, is to have a way to evaluate your achievement and the one from your team.
Most of startups that run into trouble, as startup that were too focused on one goal, without evaluating if they were on the right path.
And the best way to do so, is to surround yourself with people who already did it and ask them for a unbiased opinion. Which is why MyCTOFriend exists by the way.


So surround yourself with people like us, I would almost say in any field related to your business.
For the IT side of things, the skills required are basically expert in your related field:
Could be: Data scientist, VR, AR, IoT, Blockchain etc.

Obviously, IT expert are not the only ones, you might need experts like: lawyers, support for patents, financing… etc
All that will enable to create a good product with a relevant positioning.
i.e a good market fit.

Then to run any business.. the skills you absolutely need to be familiar with is sales:
Sales, is to me a technical skill.
They are proven methodologies, built over ages.
This one, too is a required one for any CEO.
You can get help, you you have to understand everything..
Guess what the best way to understand things? simply by just doing it!
Here it is!

Those are all the required skills to build a startup successfully.
So be sure to educate yourself about it and surround yourself with the one your are the least familiar with.