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My provider hasn’t delivered on the expected time, what should I do?

Today I’m going to answer a question from Paul, the founder of an interactive chat app.

His question is: “My provider hasn’t delivered on the expected time, what should I do?” 

Unfortunately, not all software development companies are used to working with startups. Creating a new startup app is more a matter of agility and adaptability, especially regarding specifications.

Here are the classical reasons why sometimes providers aren’t able to deliver on time:

  • The specifications changed several times
  • A part of the app wasn’t expected to be developed
  • There were technical challenges
  • HR reasons, e.g. turnover
  • Another client project became the priority of your provider

If like Paul, you are facing this situation, you will have to react at some point. Building a startup is not only a matter of building a product, but more a matter of doing business at the right time to market it.

So, if your provider hasn’t delivered, here are three ways to move on from it.

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