Take Off Program

From roadmap definition to providers selection

You already have your business idea very clear. Maybe you have a prototype? You are on the good track. Let's discover how you will propulse your solution beyond your goals.  

Next session : 20th July 2020

Discover and master the tech part of your project

What you will get after the 10 weeks of intensive coaching:
  • Complete roadmap for all the versions
  • Cost evaluation based on the possible solutions
  • Technical plan for fundraising
  • A provider ready to launch development
Ok, but why 10 weeks?

Whether you are working solo or in a team, it is important to have clear goals in mind to jump start your project.

We will outline specific objectives that ensure your idea is set up to succeed in the real world. While it may seem long, this is just the start of your journey. Cultivating the right skills with our program will also translate to your future projects. While it may seem simpler if we managed your project from start to finish, we want you to be able to be the best Product Manager for your business.

By following our guidance and challenging your own skill set, you will develop the ability to master project management for current projects and future endeavors. 

This program is made for

those who want to launch things faster and smarter
Who wants a friend to rely on
  • Have a CTO onboard
  • Make the right decisions to build the V1
  • Discover the tech world
  • Never exceed your budget
  • Find the perfect provider
Employees & Managers
Who want to innovate
  • Save-up countless hours of work
  • Avoid the risk and the main pitfalls
  • Develop your project in your company

In details

Week 1

Project check-up

  • Market validation: The Lean Project Idea Canvas.
  • Circle of success: find your mission, vision, and ambition
  • Pre-launch website and social media set-up
  • Initial brand and personal branding presence
  • Brand platform and one sentence pitch

Validate the checkboxes before launching the development.

Week 2

Design set-up

  • Brand emotions definition
  • Brand identity brainstorming
  • Inspiration benchmark
  • Design brief
  • Provider selection or DYI option

Work on the UX/ UI of your solution, having a proper briefing and chose your providers.

Week 3

Technical plan

  • Improve the ability to raise funds and subsidies
  • Define user stories
  • Prioritize features based
    on your own values and spirit

Highligh the opportunity brought by the digital.

Week 4

Feedback loop set-up

  • User feedback setup, the origin of your community
  • Setup support tool and user voice
  • Use social media to prioritize your features
  • Pre-launch strategy

Know how to share and co-build the roadmap with the targeted audience.

Week 5

Investments options

  • Pre-build technologies per project type
  • Provide expected outcomes
  • Your financial resources, time, skills existing in you team

Define the strategy and validate your market fit confidence.

Week 6

Software development language & architecture

  • Choose the appropriate languages for your project
  • Choose the appropriate framework

Have a description of the recommend architecture and languages that fit to the project.

Week 7

Roadmap definition and costs

  • Loop cost and prioritization
  • Global project cost for each version
  • User story prioritization
  • What to show to raise funds

Have a well established and prioritized roadmap; and prepare a full detailed cost for each version and profiles.

Week 8

Version 1 specifications

  • Business logic specifications
  • Customer experience specifications
  • Emotional journey
  • Technical specifications
  • Notifications specifications
  • Backoffice specifications

Define all specifications according to the customer's journey and emotional state of mind.

Week 9

Provider selection

  • Evaluation criteria
  • Interview process
  • Job description
  • Proposal review

Prepare and post a job description and analyze the relevant propositions. 

Week 10

Provider selection & kick-off

  • Shortlist interview (2 meetings)
  • Align expectations
  • What to request from the provider
  • Source code repository
  • How to conduct the kick-off meeting
  • Onboard your tech collaborator

Select and onboard your final providers! 

Take Off

  • +20h hours of coaching
  • Daily videos and e-learning assessments
  • Illimited individual and group chat support
  • Mastermind + Q&A sessions
  • 4 individual coaching

Your Instructors

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CMO
Sébastien FICHOT


Of course! It is best to work in smaller groups/individually but we encourage you to invite anyone you deem beneficial to the project. We are happy to work with your team during the ten week program.

We highly encourage you to start with the Impulse Program first as this timeline will help you put your idea into action. The Take Off program focuses more on learning efficient project management after your initial idea has been proposed.

As the project manager, you will create your own schedule to work, but we recommend that you spend at least 2 hours a day in order to maximize your ten weeks during the program. 



There are three main objectives we hope you will achieve by the end of the program: ability to define the project roadmap and the cost of every version according to the technology chosen, select and onboard providers, and launch the development. Putting in the most effort into every aspect of our program will ensure you are prepared to launch your current project and all other future ideas. 

The program is 100% online. Our team is able to work with customers all around the world! We are also flexible with time zone differences and scheduling conflicts that may arise. So no matter where you are located in the world, we will be there to coach you through your project development process.

You are already one step ahead of the Take Off Program. Therefore we recommend you check out the Skyrocket program which is coming soon! Or if you would like us to look into a tech audit of your business, we are more than capable of giving you conclusive feedback regarding your current structure. Please contact us at hello@myctofriend.co for more information. 

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