The CTO program that will change your life as a startup founder!


Get a real CTO to work on your project, and guide you to make good decisions, while helping you grow and become independent

Get a real CTO to work on your project, guide you towards the right decisions,  and help you grow and become independent

Help you deal with developers

With hours of One-on-One CTO meetings, we offer joint sessions with your developer to:

 Plan and build your product roadmap
 Choosing developers or providers
 Defining development budget
 Interviewing a new technical co-founder
 Pitching operational part to get grants or funding… etc

Source code audit

We can help improve your developer's or provider's work by auditing :

 Your source code,
 Or product development process


Regular meetings

 Focused on your roadmap and your company strategy
 Regular flash calls to catch up and ensure you are on the right track 
 A monthly mastermind call with your CTO and 4 other founders in order to review your achievements and set your goals

MyCTOfriend founders community

You will have access to unlimited support through the MyCTOfriend Chat, where you will also be able to:

 Discuss best practices with other startups
 Exchange stories and experiences of the Startup journey
 Ask for advice and feedback from founders

Technical guidance and roadmap

With the help of an online worksheet, we will guide you towards:

 Defining your vision
 Defining your milestones
 Defining and review your quarters goals
 Defining and review your monthly goals
 Sharing your achievements and difficulties with your CTO and your founders group

Tech Management courses & worksheets

Tech startup founders need to learn tech management. We teach you everything you need to know to lead a tech startup successfully.

Tech Startup Management for CEOs, from 0 to a million users
Creating an innovative startup with technology 
 Startup Roadmap definition course
Selecting the right provider for my Startup
... and more to come

Why this program?

Startups founders often realize the importance of tech management after it's too late 

Without a senior CTO co-founder, startup CEOs usually do their best to manage developers, or to find a web agency to develop their first solution. Nevertheless, startups entail uncertainty, and due to the lack of tech management skills, the relationship between developers and startup founders often ends in conflict.

When you build a startup, you cannot afford misusing the first investments

I personally don't want to see any more startup founders wasting money on the wrong team, the wrong technology, or developing an over-the-top first version, only to have to replace shortly after because customer expectations changed.

Moreover, non-technical founders are often influenced or mislead into using the wrong technologies. Developers push towards solutions they already know, as opposed to the most relevant technologies for each project. When conflict ensues, and after investing large amounts of money on development, startups might even have to renegotiate just to get the due source code back. Sad but true, and unfortunately, very common...

You need a CTO who protects your business interests and speaks Tech

It's not easy dealing with developers or providers when you don't have any technical background yourself. With this program and its tailored CTO sessions, I will be able to jump on a call with you and your provider, translate between business and tech, and protect your own interests every step of the way.

With my help you'll learn how to work effectively with your technical team and your developer will be guided towards optimized solutions and best practices. My goal will be to help you setup suitable working processes, regardless if you use local or remote developers. That's why twice a year, when your project requires it, I will review the source code and the infrastructure of your application, to ensure your product meets the technical standards.

The stories behind this program

I want you to navigate around pitfalls and speed up your growth

Be aware, that if you don't have an experienced CTO in your team, chances are you'll come into conflict with your developers. Startups with a technical co-founder have a better chance of succeeding, as long as there's stable relationship between the two. 

I have to say that I often feel like a fireman, being called by startup founders to put out fires on the worst possible scenarios. Having to do technical audits, trying to solve situations where startup founders didn't have their expectations met by the developer's work. Most of the time, I'm able solve these awkward circumstances, but it's always unaviodably painful for everyone involved.

Conflicts with developers take up lots of time and money, and even then the produced software might not be very effective. Quite an expensive -and in my opinion unnecessary- lesson for founders.

I gathered 110 startups' experiences in this program

In the past 5 years I have worked exclusively with startups, incubators, and accelerators. I've gathered a broad experience and the ability to switch from one project to another. Having worked with developers from all over the world, on almost every type of project, enables me to bring an incomparable of return on experience, no matter the field or the technologies involved.

By knowing what works and what doesn't, I help startups cope with tech management everyday. And in this program I've gathered the essential steps to help you, non-technical startup founders, succeed without a tech co-founder.

This program will take away unnecessary stress, and let you focus on your business

With a combination of mentoring, coaching, teaching, and consulting, you will get the support you need in any and every important technical decision to be made:

  • Choosing developers or providers
  • Structuring the team
  • Defining development budget
  • Getting a new technical co-founder
  • Pitching operational parts to get grants or funding… etc

Startups need a CTO to make good technical decisions and lead development.

However, a CTO is a high level position, often unaffordable for young Startups.

That's why My CTO friend will act as your CTO in the early stages of your company.

Keep calm and carry on

"I built this program to make your life easier when managing software development" - Amaury KHELIFI

You are not only going to have a senior CTO to back your project up, 
but you will also learn technical management alongside me.
I will prepare you for the growth stage, teaching you technical management techniques, and enabling you to lead your company successfully 

All My CTO friend courses included

Startups' Tech Challenges, From 0 to million users

Creating an innovative startup with Technology

Startup Roadmap definition course

Selecting the Right Provider for My Startup

Plus, every quarter, a new course will be added to the My CTO friend Library to keep making you and your team more and more independent

Why is this your best chance to succeed?

Startup tech management skills don't appear by magic

Unfortunately, learning technical management usually takes years of experience, and a lot of mistakes. These hard earned lessons generally cost startups anywhere between $10K up to several hundred thousands of dollars. Nobody wants to lose that amount of money, but how could you possibly avoid this type of mistakes without the necessary experience?

A CTO is a requirement for a tech startup

Any serial startup founder would tell you that having a senior CTO by your side is a requirement to launch a tech company, just because you will need to deal with important technical decisions in order to build your venture.

Startup developers simply cannot be led the same way they would be by a regular company. Building a startup is also learning to play with uncertainty, and the only way to succeed is to use proven processes, being agile no matter what, and having a senior startup CTO to back you up.

"I believe anyone, with a good business idea and a deep market understanding, can build a highly successful tech startup. They just need a bit of help"

- Amaury KHELIFI, Founder at My CTOFriend

Your CTO

Amaury Khelifi has been working in the IT industry for 15 years and has dedicated himself in the last 4 years to the tech startup environment. Having had the experience of launching his own startup and managing its ups and downs, Amaury has decided to impart his extensive entrepreneurial experience with us.

Amaury has taken up the task of evaluating and analizing what startup founders usually get wrong, and sharing with us what should be done differently. He has helped so far more than 110 startups avoid pitfalls and secure their IT management infrastructure, while maintaining focus on their core business.

With a highly technical skill set, training experience, and in-depth knowledge of the startup environment, Amaury meets exactly what Founders and CEOs need at the early stages of their development.

An entrepreneur at heart, he always looks for opportunities to help passionate people launch new ventures and help them grow.



CEO of My CTO Friend


Are you ready to give your project its best shot at success?

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Are you ready to give your project its best shot at success?

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a CTO do?

A CTO helps you define the best strategy to develop your first product. Some CTOs might play for a bit with the technical side of things, but it’s better to use developers for actual development, and keep the CTO for strategic decisions. An early stage startup doesn’t need a CTO full time or even part time. They need developers, and any CTO guidance -like this program- should be guided towards figuring out which type of developer you need and how you can lead them effectively.

Can you also develop our product?

In order to provide fully objective and unbiased advice, we don’t provide development services, nor we take any commission from developers or agencies. Instead, we guide you in finding developers or agencies by yourself, and we help you review their proposal before moving on. We will also analyse their work with technical audits of their produced source code.

My project idea isn’t really clear yet, can I join?

Yes. MyCTOfriend program is a CTO service package with online video courses that will help you brainstorm and shape your roadmap, with an added technical point of view. Even if we mention a few techniques, we don’t provide business models, customer experience or financial courses. We focus on Tech management.

How do I know if I need a CTO?

If you don’t have a technical background and don’t know exactly how software development works in a Startup environment, you need a CTO or an online CTO service like this one.

I already have a developer, do I need a CTO as well?

More than ever… At My CTO friend we are going to teach you how to work effectively with your developer. Not only that, we will help you communicate better with each other and build a roadmap that fits your vision. A developer usually specializes in one or two techniques. Senior CTOs are not experts in every language, our expertise is to have multiple return on experience with almost every language. We will guide you and your developer in finding the most effective way to build your product, often by reusing existing tools and API services, that we’ve already seen working with other startups.

I already have a product, should I consider your CTO service?

Yes. Indeed software development never ends, and even if you’ve successfully developed a first version of you product, you will still need objective and strategic guidance, something your provider can’t offer. For example, you can get an external analysis of the produced application’s value. as well as new ideas for the upcoming roadmap. It’s also a great way to ensure you have everything to become fully independent, and to improve the development process with your team.

I want to develop my first version with interns, can you help me?

Definitely yes, but it will take time. Developing software is not something we can learn within a weeks or months. It takes years to be good at developing. If you can’t afford a web agency or a freelancer to develop your product, you can consider using interns. However, in order to help you make better technical decisions and guide those young developers, we highly recommend you to follow all of our courses and apply all the techniques you learn there. In addition to our Online CTO program, we advise you to hire a part-time lead developer to help your interns get started the right way.

I already started development but I’m not sure if I’m on the right track, can you help me?

Absolutely. We can even start right away with the technical audit, reviewing your source code structure, analysing if you had a good start or not. Keep in mind that as long as the code is clear, any “good developer” should be able to pick up where the last one left off. Thanks to our review you will be able to keep moving forward with your development, helping you specify and prioritize what you need.

I have a startup idea, but I don’t know how much it will cost, can you help me?

Yes, I offer CTO sessions focused on cost evaluation. Not only will we estimate the cost, but also help you find a solution that fits your budget, by testing your market with prototyping techniques, before any need for expensive development.

Is it a paid program?

Yes. Unlike traditional organisations that provide general mentoring or business advice, My CTO friend is a private company without any external investments. We do not take any of your company’s equity, you basically just pay for the online CTO services.

My project is a secret, how can I be sure it stays a secret with My CTO friend?

At my CTO friend we take Intellectual property very seriously. We are here to give more value to your project idea by helping you moving forward the right way. In the program you will have access to a group of 4-5 startups, where the idea is to learn from each other by sharing your project on a monthly basis. However, if you don’t want to participate in this portion of the program, we can review your goals exclusively under written format.

What happens after the 12 months are up?

My CTO friend’s goal is to make you independent. Hopefully we will help you hire a senior CTO during this this time and you will be able to move forward with him. If you decide you want to move on without bringing in a senior CTO, My CTO friend can also coach your lead-developer and/or young CTO to make them learn this role. If you still need us, we can review your subscription together at the end of the first year. Since this is a brand new program, we just cannot commit to keeping the exact same format and the exact same price 12 months from now.

What if I need more CTO sessions than what is included?

Our main goal is to guide you towards developers or web agencies that will have a lower rate than a senior CTO like us. Nevertheless, if your project is really complex or you need more in-depth assistance, we can offer you extra paid CTO sessions. But keep in mind that with the online courses, and the 2 monthly reviews, you should be able to move forward on your own.

Are you ready to give your project its best shot at success?