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Businesses can save tons of money just by having the right methodology. 
At My CTO Friend, we share all tips and tricks that make startups grow faster.

Startups' Tech Challenges, From 0 to million users

This course will help you understand what needs to get done at each step of your startup’s development. You will master tech management techniques so you can lead your project at every step. From zero to million users.

  • The startuper’s life
  • The ideation & roadmap process
  • The prototyping & the development stage
  • The growth stage

The Best Technologies for Your Startup

This course will teach you how to make your startup stand out using innovative technologies and being more convincing with incubators, accelerators, investors…
We will cover: 

  • IoT
  • Artificial intelligence, Natural language processing, Image or video recognition 
  • Blockchain, NFC, iBeacon, Wireless and contactless connections
  • 360 camera, virtual reality & Augmented reality

    Startup Roadmap Definition

    In this course you will learn how to prioritize your product or app features and build your roadmap, based on your desires, your customers’ needs, and your budget for development. 

      • How to define and evaluate a feature cost 
      • Features prioritization & Roadmap structuring 
      • Product global cost 
      • Technical plan presentation 

      Selecting the Right Provider Course

      In this course, you’ll learn what to look for when selecting a provider and how to make sure they’re right for you:

      • Preparation
      • Provider’s company evaluation
      • Proposal evaluation
      • Decision-making process