“Make sure that you always have the right tools for the job. It’s no use trying to eat a steak with a teaspoon and a straw.” ―Anthony T. Hincks

In this episode, Mitchie and Amaury cover the founder’s basic toolbox, including different resources and techniques to help startup founders save time daily by optimizing repetitive tasks.

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Show notes

  • How you can document all of your brainstorming process and project planning using some simple tools and techniques
  • How the same tools can help you delegate tasks
  • How Amaury and Mitchie used the same technique in the production of the My CTO Friend courses and AskMyCTO videos
  • Why Amaury hates emails and how he makes replying faster and better
  • What’s even better than videos when it comes to reviewing meetings
  • How you can use this tool for bug management
  • What new tool you can try to optimize video when giving feedback or talking to a new customer
  • What’s a great tool to use to record meetings or podcasts automatically via mobile or PC
  • How to set up a top down camera to make explainer videos or brainstorm without using a PC/keyboard/tablet
  • What’s a super tool you can use for automations (automatically send emails, create folders in Google Drive, copy files in Dropbox, etc.)
  • How Amaury’s clients made 8 million euros building a startup without developers
  • Why follow-up is key, and what tool you can use for regular communications and email newsletters
  • How you and your team can organize your passwords for all your different tools
  • What to do when a team member leaves
  • What tool to use for designing your app when you’re an early-stage startup founder
  • What are some tools and strategies to optimize content marketing
  • How to find the best combination of tools for you and your team
  • What are some more examples for communication, project management, business workflow, team meetings and customer support
  • How Amaury and Mitchie met and started working together
  • What’s the best thing to do when you’re struggling with something
  • How you can apply these strategies to your business, and save time and money
  • Why you should try freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork



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