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Ready to transform your idea into a successful startup?

Be coached by our team of experts during 5 weeks to create your tech business. 

Next session : 10th June 2020

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What you will get after the 5 weeks of intensive coaching:
  • Know yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Find your business model and the value proposition
  • Identify your market, competitors, your target and its needs
  • Prioritize your features and estimate the development cost
  • Build your roadmap and find the appropriate technology
  • Reach your first clients for your beta-test
  • Create your marketing and tech stack
  • Prototype your MVP

This program is made for

those who want to transform their lives
Creative makers
Who want to transform
  • Tweak your current business
  • Digitalize your processes
  • Disrupt your market
Employees & Managers
Who want to break free
  • Dare to emancipate yourself
  • Avoid the risk and the main pitfalls
  • Innovate in your company
Early Stage startupers
Who want to success
  • Test and validate your idea
  • Discover the tech world
  • Prototype and launch things

In details

Week 1

Business ideation

  • Know yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Discover your influencers, competitors, inspirators
  • Brainstorm your business model ideas
  • Determine your ressources and network in your market

Challenge and improve your ideas, find your market fit

Week 2

Project definition

  • Validate your project and find its business models
  • Develop your idea like an engineer
  • Define your persona and interview them
  • Your business model canvas

Define in a very clear way  the pain points adressed by your product and gather the first feedbacks

Week 3

Customer's journey

  • Your customer's emotional journey
  • Dig into your customer's life ​
  • Create an offline manual / service version of your business

Improve your idea according to your persona's emotionnal journey

Week 4

Offer definition

  • Imagine your feature and assess them
  • Create your landing page and prototype your V0
  • Prepare your marketing and tech stack
  • Value proposition design
  • Create an offline manual / service version of your business

Find your minimal affordable and acceptable product 

Week 5

Go / No GoO

  • First business plan with financial projections
  • Create a powerful storytelling
  • Your first pitchdeck
  • Reach your first audience
  • Startup ToolBox
  • Feedback, retrospective and project assessment

Validate yourself as an entrepreneur and validate your project

Impulse Program

to launch your project
$ 2290
  • +15 hours of coaching
  • Daily videos and e-learning assessments
  • Illimited individual and group chat support
  • Mastermind + Q&A sessions

Your Instructors

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CMO
Sébastien FICHOT


Yes, you just need to have a good idea and be motivated and willing to transform it into something concrete!

It depends on your investment but at least 2 hours per day. 

You will have a proper business model and a functional prototype!

The program is 100% online!

We advise you to apply to our “propulse program” which is more appropriate for your stage

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