Premium Coaching

Dont believe that your startup will be an overnight succes...
Success takes years to come !

With this program, you will stay the main driver and we will be by your side on weekly basis to challenge you, to tell you the whole truth, to keep track of what your team is doing, to push and motivate you and your team toward your maximum.
Together we are going to make it! And we are going to make it as a Team!

Having a CTO is a must in a technological start-up and that’s why there are many regular short meetings in this program.

We will coach you and your team to also detect any issues in the development process.
We will go deep in details, up to reading, reviewing and auditing the source code of your application to provide you an objective point of view.

To help you get things done, we will share all our knowledge and support and give you useful worksheet templates, job descriptions, interview questions, specifications examples, templates, roadmap pitch deck, +100 videos and articles to help you better manage things.

Our unique goal is to make you succeed and to transform your project in a viable company, with a high product development effectiveness

Why this program?

Startups founders often realize the importance of tech management after it's too late
Without a senior CTO co-founder, startup CEOs usually do their best to manage developers, or to find a web agency to develop their first solution. Nevertheless, startups entail uncertainty, and due to the lack of tech management skills, the relationship between developers and startup founders often ends in conflict.

When you build a startup, you cannot afford misusing the first investments
We personally don't want to see any more startup founders wasting money on the wrong team, the wrong technology, or developing an over-the-top first version, only to have to replace shortly after because customer expectations changed.

Moreover, non-technical founders are often influenced or mislead into using the wrong technologies. Developers push towards solutions they already know, as opposed to the most relevant technologies for each project. When conflict ensues, and after investing large amounts of money on development, startups might even have to renegotiate just to get the due source code back. Sad but true, and unfortunately, very common…
You need a CTO who protects your business interests and speaks Tech.

It's not easy dealing with developers or providers when you don't have any technical background yourself. With this program and its tailored CTO sessions, we will be able to jump on a call with you and your provider, translate between business and tech, and protect your own interests every step of the way.

With our help you'll learn how to work effectively with your technical team and your developer will be guided towards optimized solutions and best practices. Our goal will be to help you setup suitable working processes, regardless if you use local or remote developers. That's why twice a year, when your project requires it, we will review the source code and the infrastructure of your application, to ensure your product meets the technical standards.

The stories behind this program

We want you to navigate around pitfalls and speed up your growth

Be aware, that if you don't have an experienced CTO in your team, chances are you'll come into conflict with your developers. Startups with a technical co-founder have a better chance of succeeding, as long as there's stable relationship between the two.
We have to say that we often feel like a fireman, being called by startup founders to put out fires on the worst possible scenarios. Having to do technical audits, trying to solve situations where startup founders didn't have their expectations met by the developer's work. Most of the time, we are able solve these awkward circumstances, but it's always unaviodably painful for everyone involved.
Conflicts with developers take up lots of time and money, and even then the produced software might not be very effective. Quite an expensive -and in our opinion unnecessary- lesson for founders.

We gathered 160 startups experiences in this program

In the past 6 years we have worked exclusively with startups, incubators, and accelerators. We've gathered a broad experience and the ability to switch from one project to another. Having worked with developers from all over the world, on almost every type of project, enables us to bring an incomparable of return on experience, no matter the field or the technologies involved.
By knowing what works and what doesn't, we help startups cope with tech management everyday. And in this program we've gathered the essential steps to help you, non-technical startup founders, succeed without a tech co-founder.

This program will take away unnecessary stress, and let you focus on your business

With a combination of mentoring, coaching, teaching, and consulting, you will get the support you need in any and every important technical decision to be made :


Help you deal with developers

With hours of One-on-One CTO meetings, we offer joint sessions with your developer to:

Source code audit

We can help to improve your developer's or provider's work by auditing :

Regular meetings

A CTO just for you

My CTO Friend founders community

You will have access to unlimited support through the My CTO Friend chat, where you will also be able to :

Technical guidance and roadmap

With the help of an online worksheet, we will guide you towards :

Tech management courses & worksheet

Tech startup founders need to learn tech management. We teach you everything you need to know to lead a tech startup successfullly

Our programs


My CTO Friend
$ 450 monthly
  • Full knowledge base access
  • Specific e-learning courses and videos
  • Mastermind sessions
  • Q&A sessions
  • Daily assessments
  • Illimited chat support for the CEO
  • Individual coaching (1/month)
  • Access to the community


My CTO Friend
$ 1490 monthly
  • Full knowledge base access
  • Specific e-learning courses and videos
  • Mastermind sessions
  • Q&A sessions
  • Daily assessments
  • Illimited chat support for the CEO and the team
  • Individual coaching (4/months)
  • Access to the community