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The Funnel Hacking Live 2020!


Funnel Hacking


Last week, Amaury Khelifi, founder and CEO of MyCTOfriend, flew all the way to Nashville to attend to the Funnel Hacking Live 2020!


What is theFunnel Hacking Live (FHL)?


The event is held each year by Click Funnels, responsible for one of the most known software to improve websites and boost businesses.


At the first moment, FHL seems a rock concert, and indeed it’s a mega-event with all the structure and effects you can imagine. This year, around 4,000 people attended the FHL to learn how to improve and grow their businesses! Feel that energy?


Speakers like Russell Brunson, CEO and co-founder of Click Funnels, Jermaine Griggs, Anissa Holmes, and Garrett J White – who participated in all 6 editions! – presented funnel hacking concepts and how to apply them in simple ways.


What Funnel Hacking is it all about?


One of the main topics in this edition was Storytelling. And its importance to reach the audience and convert is no news. Now, not only a good story is fundamental, but the way it’s presented to your audience is key to achieve success.


At the Funnel Hacking Live, Kathryn Jones presented a few tips that will help you check your competition and develop your own website based on the best ones!


Funel Hacking

Russell Brunson talked about storytelling, conversion, funnel hack, website design… Actually, he has several books on these subjects and we totally recommend you read it!


In essence, the Funnel Hacking Live was about teaching that even if you have good ads, you offer great material and services, you still need a good story to keep people interested.


Also, build your own framework. Develop a strategy in which people can follow. Your customers need to trust you as a master! And this is our goal here in MyCTOfriend: learn more and create content that are useful to our customers.


Here we go!


The FHL is the next step to grow your business and that’s why MyCTOfriend was there.

To learn how to reach more startups' founders and give them the best experience possible in tech coaching! Like tech with no tech