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Choosing the best website builder will help you provide better customer experience.

Choose the best website builder for your business!

    Websites are a great way to showcase your products and solutions, promote your brand, and to provide your customers with an awesome experience
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Hiring a web designer in the early stages of development will ensure great experience for your customers.

6 Tips for hiring a web designer

    Unique user experience is essential for any small business! It means the perfect combination of visually appealing and functional design. That’s why we’ve
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You don't need to quit your day job to pursue your dreams. Instead, become an intrapreneur!

Boost your career by becoming an intrapreneur!

  If you are interested in taking on more responsibilities than your job requires, or look for ways to make it more meaningful and satisfying,
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Situational Leadership: the key to become a great leader!

Great leaders recognize that flexibility is essential to approach a situation and connect with the people surrounding them. But how can you apply the situational leadership model in your business? Here, you’ll know everything to become the best leader for your team and business!
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Brand Storytelling: the story is the new marketing!

Every business has a great story behind it! In this article we’ll explain all you need to know to master the art of storytelling, what is its goal, what makes a great story, and how to apply that in your sales funnel!
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The fundamentals of crowdfunding for startups!

Convincing investors to put money in your project might not always be an easy task. Crowdfunding can be a much more convenient option for those who are starting or are looking for an unconventional way to fundraising. And we will explain all you need to know before launching your first successful crowdfunding campaign!
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How to implement Artificial Intelligence in your business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is so present in everyday life, in voice assistants, phone facial recognition, chatbots, suggesting new things to watch on your streaming account, and more. How to adopt AI to your business products and services? What are available toolkits? What are the pros and cons of this technology?
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Use blockchain technology to level up your business!

One of the biggest concerns of any business owner is how to provide more value than their competitors. It could be the price, the design, the raw material, or even how trustworthy a product or service can be. That’s why many companies look for ways to use blockchain technology in their businesses.
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Mac is better for development teams, since they'll keep a Unix environment and business required software.

Startups should use Mac and here’s why!

Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Friends vs How I Met Your Mother, Pepsi vs Coke, Mac vs PC. Rivalries usually are about personal taste, but when it comes to tech rivalry, it goes beyond the design and budget. And we’ll tell you why startups should use Mac.
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To build an online community is nurturing and connecting with people in deeper levels, not just commercial.

How can you build a strong online community on your social media?

To build an online community requires dedication and a curiosity for understanding who’s your audience, as individuals with interests and needs, why your brand became relevant to them, and what else you can do for them.
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Don't be afraid of taking the leads your of project. You are the best person to do that!

Product development strategy with 7 key components

Lack of knowledge is not an excuse to delegate such an essential part of your company’s planning and growth. Here’s why you should write your own strategy, and which components it must contain!
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Appropriate feedback is important to evaluate employees' performance.

Managing the Dunning-Kruger effect in your startup

Have you ever dealt with someone who simply doesn’t admit to their flaws? Actually, they are just too arrogant to recognize that they are not as skilled as they think? Apparently, you just bumped into the Dunning-Kruger effect.
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Managing your team tasks: which is the best way?

Managing your team tasks: which method you should use?

If you are struggling with managing your team tasks and achieving your goals in an effective and timely manner, we have 5 words for you: the centralized to-do list. We’ll show you how centralizing your team to-do lists can help you accelerate your solution development and which methodologies you should use!
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Keeping a simple checkout process is key for an online marketplace.

How to build a successful online marketplace

Dreaming of becoming the next Jeff Bezos or Pierre Omidyar? Wants to build an online marketplace and connect sellers and customers around the world like Airbnb or Fiverr? Here’s what you need to consider and understand to build a successful business!
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Use collective intelligence to boost your team productivity!

Use collective intelligence to boost team collaboration and creativity in Startups

Here’s why you should invest in collective intelligence to improve collaboration and productivity within your business, and which strategies you can use to achieve it!
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How to prepare a killer pitch deck for investors and get the funds you need!

Create a killer pitch deck for investors!

The pitch deck is a keynote presentation of a business plan entrepreneurs make to convince investors to put money into their product or solution. That’s when you make them love your business and show how well-prepared you are! And we’ll help you how to create a killer pitch deck, even you have no technical background.
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How to create an effective product positioning strategy

Almost 50% of startups fail because their product doesn’t meet a market need! Here are incredible strategies and concepts to help you build a successful product positioning strategy and increase your market share with no complications!
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Trends and Fads: 5 tips to spot the difference

Trends and fads: How can I avoid my product to fall into oblivion?

While positioning your product on a good trend is mandatory, you should always identify and use fads as leverage for your growth. Fads can create huge fans, and if there is a long term product behind, it will make your customers fall in love with you.
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Women in tech: this history goes back in the very beginning of coding

Women in tech: go unrecognized, yet essential!

After decades of fight, women still face a hard time when it comes to equal pay, opportunities, representation, and funding. We separate 5 inspiring women in tech careers and 5 organizations running amazing efforts to back women and girls in the industry. And a few reasons why you want to be part of a diverse team!
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Why entrepreneurs need to take a chill pill and relax at the weekend.

Decompressing and relaxing on the weekend doesn’t always imply slouching on the couch and binge-watching Narcos on Netflix. To maximize your weekends, for starters try emulating what today’s most successful entrepreneurs are doing.
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Graphic facilitation is the visual representation of ideas, that helps understanding its meaning.

Graphic facilitation: using drawings for meetings and ideas generation

Meetings are part of any startup routine, but there are ways and ways to run them effectively. Here we are presenting one of our favorite techniques: graphic facilitation!
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Worry-free vacations are essential for good performance at work. Here's how to ensure one!

Worry-free vacations: setting your team for success

No matter how hard it is, but founders need to take some time off work. Here are simple steps to set your team for your worry-free vacations!
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Startups are making a positive social impact and reaching for sustainable products

Often associated with innovation, solutions, and technology, startups are also committed to sustainability and social impact. Check out some of the latest news about what startups founders have been doing to make the world a better place!
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How non-technical founders can take on IT management without learning tech?

How non-technical founders can manage the IT

Startup founders have this notion that having a technical co-founder will fill all the “tech” voids in their project, and they’re not wrong. In early-stage startups, you can also emulate this without a CTO, let’s see how.
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Company culture is about core values, not perks.

5 tips to build a remote company culture

The company culture represents its core values and is essential for growth and employees' satisfaction. It's no different for remote teams. Here are 5 tips to help you build a great remote company culture!
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Scaling the product

5 resources for startups innovation

Founders in early-stage startups are always looking for ways to improve products and services. So, we separated 5 simple resources to help you with the innovation process!
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Richar Bronson

Personal branding for entrepreneurs

The personal branding does play a huge role in startups! It’s a big topic, and today we’ll talk about what really means to be the face of your company.
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