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How do I organize regular meetings with developers?

Today I’m going to answer a question from Marie, a startup founder who has a developer as a co-founder, and they are building their first Web platform.

She wants to know: “How do I organize regular meetings with developers?”

Marie and her co-founder are building a Web platform in the legal tech area. They are making themselves known in their market, and have announced the launch of their platform several months ago.

But the deadline is coming up and planning is very tight.

First off, let me tell you that most startups are often bad when it comes to development time management. Let’s see what the root cause is before getting to the solution.

By definition, startups build innovative products. This, in turn, means a solution for a market that might not know this type of solution exists or is even possible.

So, as a solution provider, we move based on hypotheses. We have to evaluate people‘s needs by getting feedback and shaping a solution that hopefully will suit the market or at least a niche.

Developers don’t like uncertainty on their side. They prefer to create a plan and features list, and to code, adding time for their new ideas or unexpected development to their to-do list.

That’s unfortunately how developers work, which makes developing a startup project even more challenging.

In theory, the solution is called agile methodology, but only a few are actually good implementing it.

I have personally created a regular meeting format to help founders and their technical teams catch up and review the development, sticking as much as possible to the scheduled planning.

So if like Marie, you need to work with developers and organize regular meetings, which I highly recommend you do, here is the agenda I recommend.

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