Today I’m going to answer a question from Olivier, the founder of a B2B marketplace.

His question is: “How do I know if developers are charging me the right price?” 

Olivier has already developed the first version of his solution by using multiple freelancers. Throughout the process, he found it difficult to tell if a developer was overcharging him or not.

In fact, that’s totally normal because developer profiles are all different. They come from different backgrounds, with different skills and different project experience. So, one developer might require a different duration to achieve the same thing compared to another developer.

The usual way of charging for them is per day of work.

You can think of it like each developer having his or her own “work wheel.”

The size of it is defined by the developer’s skills, experience and knowledge. The better the developer, the bigger the wheel.

Now, developers usually charge per day of work. So each day, the wheel turns once.

In the same day, a junior developer might move forward a meter or a yard, while a senior developer who has a bigger wheel will get further, like five meters.

This is just a basic comparison to make things a bit easier to understand. Nevertheless, project costs are much more complex than that. Watch the video to learn more.

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