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What is a progressive Web application?

Colette already has a great offline business with its own practitioners network. But since her business is growing, she needs to industrialize the way her team works, provide the tools to better organize meetings, and give more advice to her clients. ​After interviewing several software providers, she was exposed to multiple solutions to build the mobile-accessible interface she had imagined.

Can I build a startup with only remote developers?

Olivier was able to build his first team with freelancers, and he relied on this option for several months. But he found it difficult to manage people remotely, and ended up hiring local developers to be able to keep an eye on them in his office. It is possible to build an entire team exclusively out of remote workers. But it entails changing everything we’ve learned in the past few decades about managing a team.

What is a disaster recovery plan?

You might think that as a startup, you shouldn’t be concerned with such a heavy process… right? Think again. What if your hosting provider disappears? What if you lose your app’s source code? Don’t you think you might need a properly documented technical procedure to recover it? You definitely will. There are dozens of reasons to use a disaster recovery plan. The interesting fact is that if you face a major disaster, your business has a 90% chance of dying if you do not have a disaster recovery plan (DRP)! To figure out a DRP, you need to establish a few things.

How can I keep track of my provider’s work?

Today I’m going to answer a question from Sabine, the founder of an accounting control platform. Her question is: “How can I keep track of my provider’s work?” Sabine hired a development provider to build a mobile app, plus a Web platform. Now that she has several projects running in parallel, she is wondering how to optimize the workflow with her provider and follow what they are doing.

How do I spark the interest of Web agencies and developers with my project?

Alexandre already got a freelance developer to make the first version of his platform. Unfortunately, this freelancer is not always available. He’s constantly shifting his attention between projects. As Alexandre’s business grows, he needs to find a more reliable provider to accelerate development. So he’s looking for a Web agency to continue the development, but he’s been struggling with sparking their interest. Some of them didn’t even reply to his proposal requests.

Why is my developer struggling to make a responsive design?

Audrey and her co-founders hired a development provider to build their marketplace. While the first version of her platform was okay, she has asked for some customization since then, and the design is not coming up properly on certain devices. Let’s explain for a bit the situation and what’s causing it.

How do I know if developers are charging me the right price?

Today I’m going to answer a question from Olivier, the founder of a B2B marketplace. His question is: “How do I know if developers are charging me the right price?” Olivier has already developed the first version of his solution by using multiple freelancers. Throughout the process, he found it difficult to tell if a developer was overcharging him or not.

How can I build two e-commerce websites out of a common stock management?

Olivier is a successful startup founder and well-known in his area of expertise. But he wants to scale up to the next level. He has two different types of markets, both in B2B. So far, he only has a simple e-commerce solution, built with a software called WooCommerce. Now, he would like to systematize the processes as well as build a second e-commerce website for the second market.

My provider hasn’t delivered on the expected time, what should I do?

Today I’m going to answer a question from Paul, the founder of an interactive chat app. His question is: “My provider hasn’t delivered on the expected time, what should I do?” Unfortunately, not all software development companies are used to working with startups. Creating a new startup app is more a matter of agility and adaptability, especially regarding specifications. If like Paul, you are facing this situation, you will have to react at some point. Building a startup is not only a matter of building a product, but more a matter of doing business at the right time to market it. So, if your provider hasn’t delivered, here are three ways to move on from it.

How do I evaluate a project manager for my startup?

Building a startup with artificial intelligence (AI) is not something everyone can do. Leading this type of development project requires a pretty high level of technical knowledge. And that is why Dominique, a startup founder who is about to launch a Web platform with AI, asks: “How can I evaluate a project manager for my startup?”

How do I organize regular meetings with developers?

Today I’m going to answer a question from Marie, a startup founder who has a developer as a co-founder, and they are building their first Web platform. She wants to know: “How do I organize regular meetings with developers?” If like Marie, you need to work with developers and organize regular meetings, which I highly recommend you do, here is the agenda I recommend.

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