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Are you building a startup? Learn to improve your idea, use the right technologies, evaluate features and costs, and develop your product on a budget

Introduction and general requirements

1. Introduction (4:48)

We will cover what is a technical plan and what you'll get from this course. I'll explain how the content is organized and why. I'll also provide a few exercises that you have to do, and how they'll help you.

2. General requirements (3:45)

Let's talk about non-technical basics and ground rules. You need to train yourself to be an entrepreneur, make the most out of your day, and not only overcome challenges, but also seek them. Here are my tips.

3. Team alignment (4:36)

Before you work on your startup, there are things you have to consider. Here we discuss how to recognize important metrics to define and measure, startup profitability, and how to minimize failure.

4. Business and market requirements (3:38)

We have got to make sure that you're creating something that people will pay for. We're going to cover a few well-known and often-used methodologies that'll help you tackle that task. Plus a couple of suggestions on product development techniques.

Technologies brainstorming

5. Importance of technologies (1:55)

Integrating the right technologies into your project is a huge step towards startup success. To achieve it, we'll learn how to think like a developer, what types of technologies are there, and their uses.

6. Internet of Things or IoT (3:03)

This technology trend assists us in so many ways and it keeps our world connected. Let's learn how it can help us develop and prototype our solutions.

7. Artificial Intelligence or AI (4:30)

A lot of great things are being said about AI. What's all the fuss about? In this video we tackle what AI is, what you can do with it, and the concepts you need to understand, in order to use it.

8. Image recognition (2:00)

Just a quick overview of what image recognition is, and a few of its simple applications.

9. Blockchain (2:42)

What happens when technological innovation meets financial services? Blockchain happens. Let's take a look at what it really is, how it works, and how you can apply it to your project.

10. Technologies brainstorming conclusion (0:27)

How are we doing so far? At this point you should have a refreshed perspective on your product. Next, we’ll see what we can do with all these new ideas.

Roadmap definition

11. Product roadmap definition (0:56)

“The founder’s most important work.” A comprehensive and tailored roadmap is key to success. Let’s break down the process of defining it properly.

12. Product baseline (0:43)

What is your product about? Let's try to express it in 3 or 4 words. Working in your assertiveness is also going to improve your product’s selling points.

13. Feature cost definition and evaluation (6:23)

We dive right into how to define features, listing and categorizing them, and assigning them a cost accordingly. Here you'll find the FREE worksheet designed to help.
☑ Download the Roadmap Prioritization Worksheet (Free)

14. Features prioritization based on values - Part 1 (3:35)

It's important to tailor your company's values after your own, that way your startup represents the best part of you. To do that we define what your values are, and we associate them to your product's features.

15. Features prioritization based on values - Part 2 (2:51)

Now that we have your values, we want to sort out what matters most to you, based on how you want your company to be perceived. Then you'll learn how to translate that into what features deserve the most attention, in terms of time and money.

16. Features prioritization based on customer expectations (1:08)

Last, but not least on feature prioritization: We tackle your feature list from your customer's perspective. What are they going to value most? And how does it translate into budgeting? You'll find that out here.
☑ Download the Roadmap Prioritization Worksheet (Free)

17. Roadmap structuring (3:57)

Here you'll learn how to create versions of your service based on the computed rank, and the different stages of your project. All this while making sure that everyone involved is getting something great out of it.
☑ Download the Roadmap Prioritization Worksheet (Free)

18. Product development global cost (7:50)

Now we're piecing it all together! Use the information gathered to calculate resources, like required days and costs per stage or category. To make things easier, you can purchase our “Global Project Quotation” Worksheet here.
☑ Download the Global Project Quotation Worksheet ($10, recommended but not required for the course)

Technical plan creation

19. The technical plan (7:06)

This is the best part of the course! Let's compile what you've done, and add it to your business plan. You can get the FREE “Technical Plan Summary” Slideshow Template here, and personalize it to fit your brand.
☑ Download the Technical Plan Summary Template (Free)
☑ Download the Global Project Quotation Worksheet ($10, recommended but not required for the course)

20. Conclusion (0:55)

We made it! You should now have a detailed game plan on everything you need, in order to make your dream company a reality, and get the right people on board.