Successfully build, launch and scale your startup

From its beginnings, My CTO Friend has been driven by the vision and guidance of an entrepreneurial spirit that had experienced and so understood the challenges of a startup.

All good founders have, at the heart of their dream, the desire to create a company that is meaningful for them, that will last beyond them and serve others.

As 19th Century American journalist and lawyer Albert Pike wrote:
“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”
That is at the heart of a startup and that is the spirit we share and want to help develop.

Why Startups?

As entrepreneurs, we understand the vision of creating, of making something new, because we have it ourselves. Based on our experience and skillsets, we want to support founders and make it possible for them to build their dream, and to serve others.

We achieve this by helping them find the best economic and strategic solutions to solve their challenges. Seeing and working with countless startups who share the same challenges and hurdles, we serve as a community of information, of mentorship, and of advice to help founders move forward.

Our name My CTO Friend comes from both our who and our why.

We understand that while all startups face similar challenges and have similar goals, not all startups have the resources to hire a CTO to help manage their growth and development. This can mean they lack the understanding to find developers who not only want to and believe they can do the job, but those who can deliver the quality truly required. Or it can mean that they lack the starting point from which to understand what they need and how to begin.

Through our network of friends who are CTOs, we elaborated methodologies and practices to offer founders a safe way to move forward through a better understanding of what they need, without consulting costs.


Through our motivation and desire to invest our time in you, the experience and background to understand the challenges you face, and the know-how to resolve these issues, we have a formula that works.

Acting as a digital CTO of sorts, we help founders by filling in the gaps in their knowledge and the expertise they need to move forward. Our free online courses allow founders to evaluate, without cost, potential options. Unlike hiring a business coach who will share their expertise, for a fee, My CTO Friends offers you bunch of free content and collective advice and expertise.

What is really exciting for us is that this journey is just beginning.

Whether you are a founder or a CTO, we invite you to join us, to come along with us as we explore, grow and share with each other along the way. Send us your thoughts and ideas to make My CTO Friend grow in a direction than suits you.